Pewter Studio

Have you gotten your copy of Lisa's Book? Published in 2010 by Lark Books,
"Pewter Studio", is a great addition to your library and essential for learning Pewtersmithing.
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Visit Lisa and David's sculpture, "Gordian Kite Tangle" at Thibodo Park. 1810 Thibodo Rd, Vista Ca

Available for purchase for your home or business!

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Have you seen Lisa and David's Latest 2018 Sculpture in Vista California yet? 
"Sunburst Ribbons"...

Created of Copper and Powder-Coated-Steel, it is 15 feet high and 9 feet wide. Our 2018 Vista Kite sculpture celebrates ribbon tails and wondrous movement they make.  The visual impact of the shapes flowing behind most kites can be emotionally evocative as they are literally uplifting. Inspired by watching kites silhouetted against the afternoon sun creating sunburst forms that are peacefully dark and mysterious.

Visit it in front of the Belching Beaver off of Main St in Downtown Vista on 302 E. Broadway.

Available for Purchase! Contact Lisa for more info!

Let us create something exciting for you, your business, or community. We make Jewelry for the Neighborhood!

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