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Alexandra Hart in San Diego!
November 10th or

December 1st 2018



Fine Stone Setting with Alexandra Hart: Beyond The Basics!

What: A One-Day Intensive Workshop
Where: Cogent Studios, San Diego, CA
David and Lisa Slovis Mandel’s Studio
4905 Morena Blvd, #1315, San Diego, CA 92117
When: November 10, 2018, 9am-4pm
** This class is full, so a second class has been offered for December 1st!
Contact us: Call or e-mail Lisa to sign up 619-384-2266,
Cost: $250. (plus a $30 materials fee)

In this one day intensive workshop participants will learn some German Goldsmithing and other tips and techniques to simplify some of the challenging styles of diamond and fine gemstone setting. These techniques have been developed over 26 years of studio practice. By understanding and practicing these basic principals, you will be able to utilize the methods to further your own jewelry techniques and adapt them to your own design work. Settings that will be covered will include: Tube setting, Flush Setting, and a Tapered Bezel Setting (fabricated bezel).

Much of this workshop practice will be done on actual pieces, not just flat demo surfaces, which is better training for the real thing. This is training for both students and professionals. Need a diamond accent on your pendant? Your own pieces are welcome for flush and tube setting. Bring your magnifiers and loupes, these diamonds are tiny!

Alexandra Hart is known for her sophisticated and artful couture jewelry and metal sculpture. With both Bachelors and Masters degrees in art and metalsmithing, and fashion experience designing for Lagerfeld and Givenchy jewelry, and with fine jewelry design and manufacturing with Barbara Heinrich Studio, Alexandra has achieved the synergy among artistic inspiration, high design and skillful craftsmanship that many artists spend their entire careers chasing. She is currently the President of Ethical Mealsmiths and a Past President and current member of Women’s Jewelry Association.

All Year Long!

Mondays- Fridays
and some weekends

I am flexible, come take a workshop with me!



Private Workshops
Lisa is available for private or group classes of all techniques. Book your workshop today! Lisa's fee is $90 an hour + materials for private lessons. Call or e-mail for pricing on group lessons.

for more information email: Lisa

Workshops and lessons are held
at Lisa Slovis Mandel's Studio
4905 Morena Blvd, #1315
San Diego, CA 92117

Some topics that can be covered in these lessons are:


Pewter Casting
Have fun creating quick pieces with several different casting techniques including tin foil molds, delft clay molding, and carved molds.

Fold Forming
Learn some fast fun fold forming techniques that you wil be able to incorporate into many more projects.

Fun, Fast, Forging with Silver and Copper
Learn basic forging techniques to create a forged bracelet, and some other quicker pieces such as earrings and pendants. Each student will take home several finished pieces along with the knowledge to finish many more. All levels of students are welcome.

Playing with Pewter- 2 day intensive!
This will be a fun action packed 2 days of pewtersmithing, that will be great for beginners and more advanced students alike. We will all begin with the same piece teaching you the all the basics of pewtersmithing. Then you will go on to more of your own design. You will have a blast!

Sterling Silver Band Rings
Create a ring for you loved one, or for yourself using traditional jewelry techniques. You will make a silver ring from scratch and will also have the opportunity to create some in copper.

Solder confidence Workshop
You will create a planned piece of jewelry that will challenge and strengthen your soldering skills. Lets conquor that obstacle together.

Lisa had a great workshop in Florida!!!!
January 11-16, 2015


The Northeast Chapter of the Florida Society of Goldsmiths invites you to join us for their 18th Annual event

"Pewterpalooza" - Forming, Fabricating & Casting with
Lisa Slovis Mandel

Atlantic Center for the Arts
New Smyrna Beach, Florida

You missed these, but they were great! .


Chasing and Repoussee with Davide Bigazzi!
In this three day workshop participants will learn an understanding and utilize the plasticity of metal to shape and raise rich and fluid forms and textures. Each student will design and create their own chased and repoussed bracelet. Immerse yourself in metal with demonstrations & discussions on chasing tools, pitch, patina, & much more. All with an Italian cultural and historical perspective.The main focus of this workshop is the creation of a cuff bracelet by employing chasing, repoussé, forging, & soldering. Learn how to add rich textures and sculptural form to your jewelry. Cost: $1150

Davide Bigazzi’s handcrafted jewelry and hollowware are a blend of contemporary artistry and old world craftsmanship that echoes back to his native Florence, Italy. Davide is renowned for his mastery of chasing and repoussè, the ancient art of shaping and embellishing metal with raised bas-relief designs. Davide was classically trained as an apprentice in Florence and earned his craftsmanship.

fioricuff13.jpgDavide+Bigazzi+2009.jpgoval bracelet


Scultpural Wax Bracelet with Shana Kroiz June 22-24, 2017
In this three day workshop participants will learn to carve a sculptural bracelet out of hard wax. Then students will learn to build a hinge and a box clasp out of wax. This will include the use of traditional carving techniques as well as carving with a flex shaft and engraving tools. The mechanisms will be made by milling and using the flex shaft as a lathe. We will also explore stone setting techniques in wax. Participants will send their bracelets to be cast after workshop is over.



April 8-10, 2016- Fold Forming With Charles Lewton-Brain!
This workshop delivers the whole system of hundreds of folds in three days. You will learn to make folds in each of the main categories. Forms are derived from the natural plasticity and ductility of the metal. Shaping is extremely effcient and rapid – many forms are complete in three to seven minutes. Tools are simple: fingers, hammer, anvil and mill. Complex relief forms are made from sheets of metal often in one annealing. Forms made with this method resemble chased constructed and soldered forms and can be made with most metals, including steel.
Charles Lewton-Brain invented fold-forming, a completely new way of forming sheet metal quickly into wonderful 3-D shapes and textures, most from single sheets of metal without any soldering.

crossfoldlines1.jpgcharles 14.jpgFoldshearstar6.jpg

Anticlastic Raising with Michael Good October 8-10, 2014
We are thrilled to be hosting Micahel Good at Cogent Builders Studio!!! Anticlastic Raising is a technique of metal forming whereby sheet metal is formed directly with a hammer on a sinusodial (snake-like) stake. A flat sheet of metal is shaped by compressing it's edges and stretching the center so that the surface develops two curves at right angles to each other. The pattern of the sheet plays a major role in the form that will be achieved, however, many different forms can often be made from the same pattern.
••Stay in touch, because we are hoping to get Michael back in 2016
Michael Good


Workshop Descriptions


Pewtersmithing Workshop

Pewter, made up of antimony, copper, and tin is one of the most mysterious of the non-ferous metals. Due to it's very low melting temperature and high malleability it can be moved faster and in different ways than other metals. Because of it's uniqueness, it is taught much less frequently in our metalsmithing community. In this 3 day workshop, you will learn how to use pewter's uniqueness to your advantage. You will form metal using fusing, hammering, and scraping techniques. You will learn how to solder pewter along with different finishing techniques.

Hydraulic Press Workshop

A hydraulic press is a metal frame that holds a hydraulic jack. The force of the jack allows the user to apply extreme pressure, pushing metal through a die. This creates a pillowed form with little stress to the metal. This is a very exciting way of moving the metal without using hammers and stakes, marring the surface of the metal, or spending a lot of time. It is an essential technique for production artists to be able to make 3-dimensional forms in little time and with few tools. This technique is great for all ages and skill levels of Metalsmiths and jewelers. It is not a technique that requires a lot of strength or endurance and it does not have the stress on your joints and muscles that other forming techniques have.
In this workshop the students will learn how to make a die, how to use the hydraulic press, and how to incorporate this technique saving time, money and achieving an exciting product. They will learn to use their die to the fullest by altering the pressed form before and after it is soldered. Utilizing the same die for different results.

Project Based Workshops

Create a project in a day! Some things that we have created in the past: kiddush cups, vases, salt and pepper shakers, rings, necklaces, specialized techniques such as forging, stone setting, and more. Tell Lisa what you want and she will make it happen!

Jewelry Workshop

Lisa has been teaching specialized jewelry workshops periodically.  Some examples of past workshops are: silver bracelets, wax working, silver fusing, pendants, and more.  To be added onto the e-mail list for workshops contact Lisa

There are always new scheduled events, so keep checking....

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