Lisa Slovis Mandel

Artist Statement


"My work includes both jewelry and metal objects that allow me to thematically combine two important areas of my life, athletics and art. By incorporating movement and function in these pieces, the participant is enticed to interact with them on a more intimate and tactile level. The viewer can have fun with the pieces by touching, playing, and manipulating the arrangement of parts. The utilitarian function in my pieces draws the viewer in and not only allows them, but often forces them to interact with it. Developed around characteristics of toys and ritual or ceremonial objects, these pieces can be used, manipulated and played with."

    Lisa Slovis Mandel is a nationally recognized metalsmith, jeweler, and teacher. She has exhibited in galleries, museums, and at shows across the country, received a SNAG Educational Endowment Grant, and several Niche Awards. She presently resides in San Diego, California with her husband David and their boys, Jacob and Gideon. Lisa teaches Metalsmithing and Design at Palomar College and Southwestern College, along with teaching workshops at various locations. She received her BFA at the University of Wisconsin - Madison in 1995 and her MFA at San Diego State University in 1998.